Since 1870, we’ve been developing new ways to provide unmatched comfort and protection from the elements. We invest heavily in research and collaborate with our partners to access the best and latest technologies available.

Despite having grown into one of the world’s most recognisable boot brands, the company remains Tasmanian and retains its family values.

How do we do this? Blundstone will achieve these quality objectives through:

  • Establishing, monitoring and reporting against an effective and rigorous Quality Management System that is aligned with our stated Company Values;
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the principles of rigour, consistency, safety, innovation, and collaboration as a design led business;
  • Seeking to identify and mitigate risk through continually improving the quality of our processes, materials, products and services across the business;
  • Investing in the development of our people around the world by driving a value set that encapsulates legal, ethical and responsible outputs across all modes of operation;
  • Proactive engagement in and contribution to industry mechanisms for certification;

We partner with worlds best suppliers, innovators and premium manufacturers to deliver underfoot comfort systems providing superior shock absorption and comfort.


Sourced from the world’s best tanneries for superior protection from the elements and extremely long wear.


Blundstone’s sole construction is designed and engineered to reduce fatigue and orthopedic problems in the lower.

Quite possibly, the most durable, most comfortable boots ever made.

They are rugged, with their own natural beauty and distinctive look and feel. Built tougher than they need to be, they reflect the place they’re from. There is no place on Earth like Tasmania and no boots on Earth like the ones that were born there.

 And while they have evolved in style, design, and technology over the years, the quality has never changed. They are still built as they always have been: to go anywhere, do anything, and look great every step of the way.