Roskilde Festival x Blundstone

Roskilde Festival x Blundstone

Discover the perfect pairing: Blundstone and Roskilde Festival join forces for an exclusive collaboration, bringing style, comfort, and community to the forefront of the festival experience.

Shared Values: Blundstone and Roskilde Festival share a commitment to enhancing the festival journey with a focus on style, comfort, and community. 

Unforgettable Experiences: This collaboration promises unique experiences for festival guests, including exciting events, fitting stations, and limited edition festival-themed boots. We're here to elevate your festival adventure and make sure your feet are always comfy.

Building Connections: By enhancing the festival experience with Blundstone, we want to make stronger connections with you, creating that sense of community. This partnership isn't just about attracting new fans – it's about deepening loyalty and growing together with boots that become a part of your festival memories.

Fun & Games: Before, during and after the Roskilde Festival we will host exciting social media campaigns so be sure to follow @blundstonedk and use the Hashtag #rfxblundstone when sharing your adventures. We will also participate in the festival to organize engaging events and competitions.

The collaboration between Blundstone and Roskilde Festival is an excellent match! Together, we're creating unforgettable experiences, and strengthening that sense of community. Get ready to step into style, comfort at Roskilde Festival-it's going to be epic.